Friday, April 9, 2010

Strategy Guide for 'Hell'

So, the last mission of WoA has gotten a few comments about the difficulty, notably a friend on calling it "Insane." Well, the mission is titled "Hell" so difficulty was part of what I was looking for in it. ;)

But here's a large part of my strategy build for "Hell":


First, you should by now be well familiar with the scout/arbiter attack spells, and the carrier shield recharge. You will still be using these spells frequently, probably the carrier spell more (I'll get to that in a second). But first, let's refresh what the spells do:

-The Arbiter/Carrier spell kills BROWN units
-The Hero Hunter (Shuttle) kills WHITE units

In this section of the map, you have to be careful to pace yourself, because you will often need to use the Sword of Adun (Corsair) when battlecruisers start attack you. If your apm/micro is good, the Sword of Adun can actually be more consistently helpful than the Hero Hunter, because the Sword of Adun can cast disruptor web more than once and still have time to kill battlecruisers.

All that being said, there's so much that goes on toward the beginning I usually hope the player will experiment and siege their way in to kill the Barracks, Factory, and Starport where enemy units spawn from--basically kill the entire first row, defending as necessary.

It's really the second row that you have to get more creative. Basically, you might want to pace yourself, keep killing rines and let Thulera kill units up top so that you can slowly but surely increase your amounts of upgrades. I wouldn't even suggest going near the Crucio-Alpha siege tanks until you're at least 5/5/5. Let them come to you until you're good and ready.

At this point, the most reliable strategy I've found is to then save up and research Hallucination. Then, build 4-6 templar, and bring them to the near entrance to where the Crucio-Alphas are.

Here's where one of the sneaky parts really starts. If you hallucinate Kane, and run the Hallus in without Kane, you take 0 risk of Kane dying, and the splash damage from the siege tanks will kill enemy bunkers and sometimes even ghosts. Remember to buy observers when the ghosts start ganging up on you with invisibility.

This might seem like a slow method, but there's a trick that makes it go a lot faster. When your *hallucinations* take damage, use the carrier spell. The carrier spell heals the shields for *all* your Kanes, including your hallucinations. This way, your hallucinations will usually stay alive through the entire hallucination period and you should be able to get the most damage in. Once there's only a few ghosts/tanks in a section left, Kane can usually run in and with your carrier spell clean up, so that you can then move your templar up and start the next section.

This is a strategy I only really discovered until later on. The difficulty of the level is really there to encourage experimenting with spell effects. Maybe you want to run Kane in, throw out a reaver grenade, and run back and heal. Maybe what will work for you is using the Sword of Adun and using disruptor web on enemy tanks/bunkers.

The reason I really like the hallucinated Kanes, is that the Arbiter/Scout spells effect those as well--as does the Hero Hunter, thus dramatically expanding the range of the Hero Hunter, and allowing you to group your units together with the arb/scout spell. As I said a few pages back, hallucinations + spells do krazy things! ;)

Even if you do get bored with the second row in "Hell" I still encourage you to turn off any cheats you might have turned on when confronting the first boss fight, because it's one of my favorite parts of the whole campaign.

Good luck and have fun!

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