Friday, April 9, 2010

Guide to Beat "Adun" Final Mission

First let me say that the "Adun" campaign had some annoyances--like reusing melee terrain. For instance, the final mission is actually Crystal Castles for the final map ; "The Battle of Rosewood" is Rosewood, ; etc.

But whatever, it's there to be beaten so here's how to beat it:

Third way to beat final map without cheats (not the same run as the one in the above video):

1 - Secure the center
2 - Golis, tanks, goons. Get them. Lots of them.
3 - Don't lose stuff.
4 - Observers (for detection, durr)
5 - Reavers, valkyries, wraiths, scouts. Don't build them. They suck.
6 - Take the upper left, preferably before Mr. Plum completely mines it out like a noob tool. Expo.
7 - Arbs + recall
8 - Take the air-only to the top mid-right. Expo.
9 - Take the upper right corner where the expo is of the endless ridge at the mid-right top. Expo.
10 - Push down where the computer hopefully isn't mining. Take the top toss; expo. Take the brown terran right; expo. Push down to the other terran. Expo.
11 - Clear through the probably mined out and useless cannons along the right.
12 - Push down into white's main. Take white's main minerals which he seems to not mine. Expo.
13 - Clear white, take white's other minerals, exp.
14 - In my case, poop and pee broke and decided to stop attacking me at this point.
15 - Mass cars/BCs
16 - Kill everything left
17 - Profit.

Basically, control the center until it's almost mined out, then push to the 9 o'clock position and clear everything clockwise, avoiding the center to give the comp a fighting chance.

2:33:33 run time.
About 2k kills.
Rep unavailable because I had to load every time brown nuked my army lawl.

It got a little dicey right before I finished clearing out white when they finally took the center. You really can't lose it until you're at least half way down the right and the entire top is cleared.

I'm still left with an inexplicable desire to try this "sundrop" stuff. It seems pretty sweet.

Edit: since it wouldn't let me save a rep, here's the furthest-back save I kept: No idea if save games work when downloaded, but w/e.

-Lost main, but have white's minerals
-Almost full ups
-poop and pee broken
-Look for the untouched tank with 50 kills ;)

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