Saturday, April 10, 2010

Random Brainstorming for Campaign

Character Related Items:

{Names listed are WIP}

A. "Resident" (POV character)
i. Attributes: -("Jason Bourne meets Medium"), Partial Amnesiac
ii. Skills - Paranormal Psychic [See Storytelling Related]
iii. Job/faction - UED (ghost?)
iv. Plot Related - One of two last remaining survivors of the UED ship "[name here]"
v. Storytelling Related - Paranormal Psychic: When in-proximity to a carcass, sees the past.
vi. Miscellaneous:

B. "George Foreman"
i. Attributes: -("I Am Legend meets Castaway"), Gruff, Rough-and-Ready, comes off as somewhat stupid, a bit of a reject
ii. Skills: -Firebat-sort
iii. Job/Faction: UED (firebat?)
iv. Plot Related: - One of two last remaining survivors of the UED ship "[name here]"
v. Storytelling Related: - Early dialogue is designed to introduce the player to the setting
vi. Miscellaneous:

C. Name
i. Attributes:
ii. Skills:
iii. Job/Faction:
iv. Plot Related:
v. Storytelling Related:
vi. Miscellaneous:

Plot Related Items:

Map 1 -
- The plot begins [give timeline notes here], when "Resident" awakens from stasis.
- After (perhaps discovering a few bodies and seeing fragments of what has happened), he meets "George Foreman"
- Dialogue; Sub-mission 1 Mission Objectives Update (A source of O2 must be acquired)

First sub-mission:
- The ship is crashed on a planet (Possibly Abaddon) without breathable O2. The breathing tanks are in the armory, however, the armory is currently sealed. Alternatively, if they were more ambitious, they could restore the life support systems on the ship.
- "George Foreman" has a working tank, but now that Amnesiac is out of stasis, he is going to need one too.
- The Armory is blocked. To get to it, they need to get Tool X.
- Alternatively, the Life Support System is damaged. To fix it, they need Part Y.
- Unfortunately, there are Kimeran Pirates in the way, blocking their objectives.
- Lots of opportunities for corpse-flashbacks as they explore the ship.

Map Design Notes:

- The first mission is installation terrain

General Notes:

- Try to avoid having voiced canon characters appear, so that if the campaign is fully voiced we don't run into roadblocks.

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